Ocean Deoxygenation Conference | Kiel 2018

from Sunday, 2 September 2018 (16:00) to Friday, 7 September 2018 (18:00)
Audimax | Kiel University

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08:00 --- Registration ---
08:30 --- Welcome Note ---
01 Prediction and Monitoring (until 10:45) (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
09:00 Emergence and detection of climate change-driven trends in oceanic oxygen concentration - Stephanie Henson   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
09:35 Constraints on ocean de-oxygenation and warming from atmospheric oxygen observations - Laure Resplandy   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
10:10 Variability and extremes in ocean (de)oxygenation and water column denitrification in the eastern tropical Pacific - Nicolas Gruber   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
10:45 --- Coffee Break ---
02 Ecosystem Impacts (until 13:00) (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
11:15 Benthic Ecosystem Responses to Open Ocean Deoxygenation - Lisa Levin   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
11:50 How the OMZ can drive ecosystem functioning from plankton to seabirds and fishers - Dr Arnaud Bertrand (IRD, UMR MARBEC, IRD/IFREMER/CNRS/UM, Sète, France)   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
12:25 Keynote 3 - Alf Norkko   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
03 Ventilation and Oxygen Supply (until 10:15) (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
08:30 Ocean deoxygenation in the 21st century: the role of ventilation - Laurent Bopp   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
09:05 Physical Forcings of Eastern Pacific OMZ - Dr Ivonne Montes (Instituto Geofísico del Perú, Lima, Perú. )   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
09:40 Drivers and mechanisms of thermocline oxygen changes in the eastern tropical North Atlantic - Prof. Peter Brandt (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
10:15 --- Coffee Break ---
04 Microbial Communities and their Impact on Biogeochemical Cycles in Oxygen Minimum Zones (until 12:30) (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
10:45 New microbial players in oxygen-minimum-zone biogeochemistry - Osvaldo Ulloa   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
11:20 Nitrogen biogeochemistry of oxygen minimum zones: what controls the distribution of microbes and N transformation reactions? - Prof. Bess B Ward (Princeton University)   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
11:55 Anaerobic methane oxidation is an important sink for methane in the ocean’s largest oxygen minimum zone - Prof. Bo Thamdrup (University of Southern Denmark)   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
05 Major Upwelling Systems (until 10:45) (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
09:00 Factors affecting the variability of the Arabian Sea OMZ over seasonal, interannual and climate-change time scales - Marina Lévy (CNRS)   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
09:35 The “bad” breath of the ocean: Greenhouse gas emissions from Eastern Boundary Upwelling Ecosystems - Damian L. Arévalo-Martínez   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
10:10 Does the Ocean lose its breath? - Dr Carolin Löscher (Syddansk Universitet)   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
10:45 --- Coffee Break ---
06 Physiological Effects of Oxygen & Interactions with Multiple Stressors (until 13:00) (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
11:15 Microbial Biota in Anaerobic and Microaerobic Habitats - Tom Fenchel   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
11:50 Critical oxygen levels of marine animals and the consequences of ocean deoxygenation and warming - Dr Brad Seibel (University of South Florida)   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
12:25 It’s not just oxygen: Understanding and managing a multiple stressor world - Denise Breitburg   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
07 Impacts on Fisheries / Socioeconomics (until 10:45) (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
09:00 Deoxygenation effects on fisheries: a mosaic of effects and responses - Kenneth Rose (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science)   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
09:35 Effect of deoxygenation on fish biology and fisheries in an enclosed brackish marine ecosystem - Michele Casini   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
10:10 Fish, ocean oxygen depletion and the food security of current and future generations - Rashid Sumaila   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
10:45 --- Coffee Break ---
08 Coastal Systems: From Understanding to Management (until 13:00) (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
11:15 Greening of the Land and the Coastal Ocean - Nancy Rabalais   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
11:50 Coupled Physical-Biogeochemical Study of Eutrophication/Hypoxia in the Pearl River Estuary off Hong Kong - Jianping Gan (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
12:25 The Baltic Sea: From Understanding to Management - Prof. Daniel Conley (Lund University)   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
09 Ocean Deoxygenation - how the Past can Inform the Future (until 10:45) (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
09:00 Past variability and recent trends of subsurface ocean oxygenation in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific: insights from proxy records - Dr Dimitri Gutiérrez (Instituto del Mar del Perú)   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
09:35 Large changes in ocean oxygenation during the last ice age: observations, mechanisms and ecosystem responses to change - Eric Galbraith (Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats (ICREA), Barcelona, Spain)   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
10:10 Looking back into the future with a geochemical oxygenation proxy (I/Ca) - Zunli Lu   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
10:45 --- Coffee Break ---
10 Biogeochemical Cycles: Feedbacks and Interactions (until 13:00) (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
11:15 The Regulation of Oxygen to Low Concentrations in the Bay of Bengal - Donald Canfield   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
11:50 A comparative study of coastal ocean hypoxia and acidification in two large river dominated systems (northern Gulf of Mexico and East China Sea) - Wei-Jun Cai (University of Delaware)   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
12:25 Impacts of a changing global phosphorus cycle on coastal ocean deoxygenation - Tom Jilbert   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
16:00 --- Registration and Ice-Breaker ---
13:00 --- Lunch Break ---
01 Prediction and Monitoring (until 16:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
14:30 Upper ocean O2 trends: 1958–2015 - Prof. Shoshiro Minobe (Hokkaido University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
14:45 Autonomous Observation of Oxygen Deficient Zone (ODZ) Biogeochemistry - Mark Altabet (School for Marine Science and Technology)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:00 Internal Variability as a Driver of Decadal Deoxygenation - Yohei Takano (Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:15 Quality of the baseline climatologies for oxygen and nutrients for inventory studies - Dr Hernan Garcia (NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:30 Volcanic Impacts on Air-sea Oxygen Exchange: Insights From the Large Ensemble Experiment - Dr Yassir Eddebbar (Scripps Institution of Oceanography )   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:45 The conundrum of marine oxygen: why is the future ocean loosing oxygen despite declining export production? - Wolfgang Koeve (GEOMAR, Biogeochemical Modelling)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
02 Ecosystem Impacts (until 16:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
14:30 Factors controlling the productivity of plankton communities in the coastal upwelling system of Peru - Dr Lennart Bach (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
14:45 Zooplankton of the low-oxygen waters of Bahia Callao, central Peru - with special reference to the reproductive activity of the copepod Acartia nsp - Ms Patricia Ayon   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:00 Intercalated low oxygen maxima, beam attenuation and ADCP amplitude within the suboxic layer off Peru. - Helmut Maske (CICESE)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:15 Elemental fluxes mediated by vertically migrating zooplankton and nekton into the mesopelagic oxygen minimum zone off Peru - Dr Helena Hauss (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:30 Potential complexity of zooplankton responses to deoxygenation: very small oxygen differences matter - Dr Karen Wishner (University of Rhode Island)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:45 Interactive Effects of Temperature and Low Oxygen on the Vertical Distribution of Copepod Eggs and Nauplii in Coastal Seas - Prof. Michael Roman (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
03 Ventilation and Oxygen Supply (until 16:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
14:30 Ventilation pathways for the North Pacific Oxygen Deficient Zone revealed by secondary oxygen maxima and Lagrangian particle tracking - Andrew Margolskee (University of Washingtron)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
14:45 Mechanisms of low-frequency oxygen variability in the North Pacific - Taka Ito (Georgia Institute of Technology)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:00 Variability and drivers of the Oxygen Minimum Zone in the tropical Pacific over the past decades - Prof. Xiujun Wang (Beijing Normal University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:15 Low-oxygen mesoscale eddies in the eastern Soouth Pacific - Dr Oscar Pizarro (Department of Geophysics and Millennium Institute of Oceanography, University of Concepcion, Chile)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:30 Interannual variability of the OMZ of the South Eastern Pacific - Boris DEWITTE (CEAZA/LEGOS)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:45 ENSO-driven fluctuations in the vertical extent of oxygen-poor waters in the oxygen minimum zone of the Eastern Tropical South Pacific - Dr Yonss Jose (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel )   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
16:00 --- Coffee Break ---
02 Ecosystem Impacts (until 18:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
16:30 Zooplankton-mediated fluxes in the Eastern Tropical North Atlantic - Rainer Kiko   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
16:45 Pelagic key species and mechanisms driving energy flows in the northern Benguela upwelling ecosystem and their feedback into biogeochemical cycles - Dr Werner Ekau (Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
17:00 Size structure, community composition and biomass size spectra of mesopelagic fishes in the tropical Atlantic Ocean and the West-Saharan OMZ in 2015 - Heino Fock (Thuenen Inst of Sea Fisheries)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
17:15 Demersal fish communities across oxygen gradients: How multiple methodologies can offer unique insights into the ecological impacts of ocean deoxygenation - Natalya Gallo (Scripps Institution of Oceanography UCSD)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
17:30 Simulating fish population responses to coastal hypoxia: movement behavior and the tradeoff between more oxygen and less food - Kenneth Rose (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
03 Ventilation and Oxygen Supply (until 18:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
16:30 Time scales of oxygen variability in the eastern tropical North Atlantic - Dr Johannes Hahn (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
16:45 Driving mechanisms for maintaining the equatorial deep jets and the quasi-steady flanking jets and the implications for the equatorial oxygen budget - Prof. Martin Claus (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
17:00 Ventilation of the eastern tropical North Atlantic oxygen minimum zone by latitudinally alternating zonal jets in a shallow water model - Mr Eike E. Köhn (Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Kiel, Germany)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
17:15 On Nearshore hypoxia and oxygen ventilation in the Eastern tropical North Atlantic - Xavier Capet (LOCEAN/CNRS)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
17:30 Variability of the Atlantic North Equatorial Undercurrent and its impact on oceanic oxygen distribution - Mrs Kristin Burmeister (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
17:45 Early detection of anthropogenic climate change signal in the interior subpolar North Atlantic oxygen - Jerry Tjiputra (Uni Research Climate)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
08 Coastal Systems: From Understanding to Management (until 18:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
16:30 Chesapeake Bay hypoxia: Relative impacts of nitrogen entering from the land, the atmosphere, and the coastal ocean - Mr Fei Da (Virginia Institute of Marine Science)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
16:45 Quantifying the relative contributions of riverine versus oceanic nutrient sources to coastal hypoxia - Dr Fabian Große (Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
17:00 Oscillations of oxygen in the hypoxic transition zone of the Eastern Gotland Basin (Baltic Sea) – causes and consequences on benthic biogeochemical fluxes - Dr Stefan Sommer (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
17:15 Upscaling the impact of coastal hypoxia from species to ecosystem function. The case of bioturbation in the Black Sea - Prof. Marilaure Grégoire (MAST ULiege)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
17:30 Co-existence of nitrogen oxidation and reduction in oxygenated estuaries - Dr Xianhui Wan (State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science, Xiamen University, China)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
Invited Speaker (until 13:15) (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
12:30 Gendered Innovations in Science, Climate Change, Machine Learning, and Robotics - Londa Schiebinger   (Audimax-Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal)
13:15 --- Lunch Break ---
03 Ventilation and Oxygen Supply (until 16:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
14:30 Ocean deoxygenation and N2O emissions projected in multi-millennial global warming simulations - Prof. Fortunat Joos (University of Bern)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
14:45 Elevated marine oxygen inventory by enhanced anaerobic respiration in a warmer future ocean - Prof. Andreas Oschlies (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:00 Robust millennial-scale recovery of deep ocean ventilation and oxygenation with global warming? - Prof. Thomas Froelicher (Climate and Environmental Physics, Physics Institute, University of Bern, Switzerland)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:15 High frequency wind forcings and interior oxygen levels - Dr Olaf Duteil (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Kiel, Germany)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:30 Submesoscales reduce deoxygenation in temperate gyres - Marina Levy (CNRS)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:45 Oxygen utilisation rate - A poor measure of ocean respiration - Paul Kähler (GEOMAR, Scientist)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
04 Microbial Communities and their Impact on Biogeochemical Cycles in Oxygen Minimum Zones (until 16:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
14:30 Diversity, distribution and abundance of nitrogen fixing microbes in the Oxygen Minimum Zones - Amal Jayakumar (Princeton University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
14:45 Regulation of N2O production by oxygen and organic matter in the ETSP - Claudia Frey (University of Basel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:00 Microbial degradation activity and organic matter lability in the oxygen minimum zone off Peru - Marie Maßmig   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:15 Eukaryotic denitrification pathway of benthic foraminifera thriving in oxygen-depleted environments - Dr Alexandra-Sophie Roy (Institute of Microbiology, Kiel University, 24118 Kiel, Germany)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:30 Isotopic fingerprints of benthic nitrogen cycling in the Peruvian oxygen minimum zone - Dr Andrew W. Dale (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:45 Untangling the key drivers in oxygen minimum zone (OMZ)-influenced waters that shape natural plankton assemblages - Allanah J. Paul (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
06 Physiological Effects of Oxygen & Interactions with Multiple Stressors (until 16:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
14:30 In situ respiration rates of meso- and bathypelagic animals - Mr Kim Reisenbichler (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
14:45 Oxygen dependence of visual function and ecology in marine larvae - Lillian McCormick (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:00 Variation in growth, morphology and reproduction of the bearded goby (Sufflogobius bibarbatus) in varying oxygen environments of northern Benguela - Prof. Anne G V Salvanes (University of Bergen)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:15 Winning ways with hydrogen sulphide on the Namibian shelf - Mrs Bronwen Currie (Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:30 Combined effects of warming and acidification on hypoxia tolerance of northern shrimp, Pandalus borealis - Mr Denis Chabot (Maurice-Lamontagne Institute, Fisheries & Oceans Canada)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:45 Understanding physiological mechanisms of Chilean scallop to the multiple-stressor scenario of upwelling by using an experimental integrative approach - Dr Laura Ramajo (Adolfo Ibañez University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
16:00 --- Coffee Break ---
02 Ecosystem Impacts (until 18:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
16:30 Assessing the effects of recurring seasonal hypoxia on benthic communities and reconstructing baseline community states on the basis of sediment cores (northern Adriatic Sea) - Dr Adam Tomašových (Earth Science Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
16:45 Effects of regimes of dissolved oxygen variability on functional diversity of sublittoral macrobenthos off central Peru (12°S) and northern Chile (23°S) - Dr Dimitri Gutierrez (IMARPE )   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
17:00 Hypoxia in mangroves: occurrence and impact on nursery fish habitats - Alexia Dubuc (James Cook University/ TropWATER)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
17:15 THE OCEAN IS LOSING ITS BREATH: DECLINING OXYGEN IN THE WORLD’S OCEAN AND COASTAL WATERS - Kirsten Isensee (Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission - UNESCO)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
04 Microbial Communities and their Impact on Biogeochemical Cycles in Oxygen Minimum Zones (until 18:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
16:45 Ecological Strategies of Sulfur-Oxidizing Bacteria in Responses to the Changing Marine Environment - Hongyue Dang (Xiamen University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
17:00 Pathways of gravitational particle export in the peruvian OMZ - Dr Frederic Le Moigne (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
17:15 The role of marine snow for nitrogen loss from oxygen minimum zones - Ms Clarissa Karthäuser (Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology Bremen)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
17:30 Deep Maximum of Virus-Bacterial Ratio in Oxygen Minimum Zone in the South China Sea: Preliminary Evidence for Viral Control of Bacterial Depletion of Oxygen - Prof. Kedong Yin (School of Marine Sciences, Sun Yet-sen University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
05 Major Upwelling Systems (until 18:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
16:30 Dispersion of a tracer in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific - Madeleine Freund (Geomar)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
16:45 The role of filaments for ventilating the oxygen minimum zone off Peru - Jaard Hauschildt (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
17:00 Impact of non-linear internal waves on the cross slope circulation in the Peruvian upwelling region. - Dr Marcus Dengler (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
17:15 Linking upwelling, export production and nitrogen cycling processes in the OMZ waters of the ETSP - Dr Gaute Lavik (Max-Planck-Institute for Marine Microbiology )   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
17:30 Measurements of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) in marine boundary layer of Arabian Sea (OMZ): Role of carbon cycle in pre-monsoon season - Dr Lokesh Kumar Sahu (PRL)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
18:00 --- Transfer ---
18:30 --- Early Career Scientists Event ---
13:00 --- Lunch Break ---
05 Major Upwelling Systems (until 16:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
14:45 Intra-seasonal variability of the eastern boundary circulation off Peru and biogeochemical consequence - Jan Lüdke (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:00 Spatial heterogeneity of dissolved oxygen and hypoxia events in shallow waters of central Chile: Diurnal and seasonal patterns in an Upwelling Ecosystem - Dr Jessica Bonicelli (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:15 Recent biogeochemical trends in the Peru upwelling system - vincent ECHEVIN (LOCEAN, Sorbonne Université)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:30 Drivers of Anoxia in a Large Embayment of an Eastern Boundary Upwelling System: St Helena Bay - Dr Grant Pitcher (Fisheries Research and Development )   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
06 Physiological Effects of Oxygen & Interactions with Multiple Stressors (until 16:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
14:30 Is oxygen limitation the cause for summer heat wave mortality in a coastal keystone predator? - Dr Frank Melzner (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
14:45 Intraspecific diversity and the selection of correlated sensitivities to multiple global change factors - Prof. Martin Wahl (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:00 The effects of hypoxia and ocean acidification on grazing interactions within giant kelp forests - Crystal Ng (Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:15 Variable yet predominantly additive effects of concurrent hypoxia and elevated pCO2 on marine biota - Dr Shannon Klein (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:30 Ocean deoxygenation overrules ocean warming and acidification impacts in marine biota - Dr Rui Rosa (MARE - University of Lisbon)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:45 Marine invertebrate responses to temperature-related stressors and their interactions - Carl Reddin (GeoZentrum Nordbayern - Paleobiology, Universität Erlangen−Nürnberg)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
10 Biogeochemical Cycles: Feedbacks and Interactions (until 16:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
14:30 Particle Flux of Sinking Organic Matter in the Peruvian Oxygen Minimum Zone - Dr Carolina Cisternas-Novoa (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
14:45 Sinking organic matter fluxes and remineralization attenuation in the Peruvian oxygen minimum zone - Ruifang Xie (GEOMAR Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:00 As good as it gets: Fitting a global biogeochemical model to oxygen minimum zones - Iris Kriest (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:15 Ocean Phosphorus Inventory and Oceanic Deoxygenation: Large Uncertainties in Future Projections on Millennial Timescales - Tronje Peer Kemena (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:30 Benthic trace metal fluxes in the oxygen minimum zone off Peru - Anna Plaß (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:45 El Niño influence on Peruvian shelf trace metal supply to the ocean - Insa Rapp (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
16:00 --- Coffee Break ---
03 Ventilation and Oxygen Supply (until 18:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
16:30 Oxygenation and deoxygenation of Atlantic and Pacific Ocean Oxygen Minimum Zones by the wind interacting with mesoscale eddies - Johannes Karstensen (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
16:45 Near-inertial wave interaction with coherent anticyclonic eddies – a ventilation source for oxygen minimum zones? - Florian Schütte   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
17:00 Understanding the dynamics of OMZs by deliberate Tracer Release Experiments (TREs) - Dr Toste Tanhua (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
17:15 Understanding the Dynamics of the Oxic-Anoxic Interface in the Black Sea - Emil Vassilev Stanev (1Institute of Coastal Research, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
17:30 Shift in the Black Sea ventilation regime and decline of its oxygen inventory - Arthur Capet (MAST-FOCUS, University of Liège)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
17:45 Strong intensification of the Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone in response to Arabian Gulf warming - Dr Zouhair Lachkar (New York University (NYU) in Abu Dhabi, Center for Prototype Climate Modeling, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates )   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
06 Physiological Effects of Oxygen & Interactions with Multiple Stressors (until 17:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
16:30 How ocean deoxygenation affects fish: Implications of Gill-Oxygen Limitation Theory (GOLT) - Daniel Pauly   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
10 Biogeochemical Cycles: Feedbacks and Interactions (until 18:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
16:30 Radium isotopes as tracers of shelf-derived trace element inputs along the Benguela upwelling zone - Lucia Helena Vieira   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
16:45 Sources and composition of water-soluble trace elements in aerosols over the Benguela and Peruvian Oxygen Minimum Zones - JAW CHUEN YONG (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
17:00 The influence of iron on extended elemental stoichiometries in diazotrophs - Alexandra Marki (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
17:15 Nutrient controls on productivity overlying and offshore of oxygen minimum zones - Thomas Browning (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
17:30 H2S events in the Peruvian oxygen minimum zone enhances dissolved Fe concentrations - Dr Christian Schlosser (GEOMAR - Helmholtz Centre Ocean Research Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
17:45 How the oxygen concentration can impact the redox processes of trace elements and reactive oxygen species - Dr Kathrin Wuttig (Antarctic and Climate Systems CRC, University of Tasmania)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
16:30 --- Public Lecture ---
18:00 --- Poster Session ---
13:00 --- Lunch Break ---
07 Impacts on Fisheries / Socioeconomics (until 16:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
14:30 Economic repercussions of tipping points in the Humboldt upwelling system - Dr Julia Bronnmann (Kiel University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
14:45 Valuing Ecosystem Services at Risk from Deoxygenation of Oceans, Estuaries, and Coastal Seas - Prof. Karin E. Limburg (SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:00 Ecological-economic sustainability of the Baltic cod fisheries under global change - Martina Stiasny (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
08 Coastal Systems: From Understanding to Management (until 16:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
14:30 Controls on Coastal Hypoxia: A global Synthesis - Prof. Katja Fennel (Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
14:45 Oxygen concentrations from water column to seabed – integrating observations and modelling to support assessments of status and predict change - Dr Greenwood Naomi (Cefas)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:00 On the eutrophication, hypoxia and ocean acidification in the coastal ocean - Minhan Dai   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:15 The Future of Coastal Hypoxia Under Scenarios of River Management - Prof. Dubravko Justic (Louisiana State University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:30 Climate change is projected to exacerbate impacts of coastal eutrophication in the northern Gulf of Mexico - Arnaud Laurent (Dalhousie University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:45 Future climate change exacerbates hypoxia in Chesapeake Bay due to warming temperatures - Kyle Hinson (Virginia Institute of Marine Science)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
09 Ocean Deoxygenation - how the Past can Inform the Future (until 16:15) (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
14:30 Variability of dissolved oxygen over the last millennium and the 21st century in an Earth System Model. - Ms Angélique Hameau (University of Bern)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
14:45 Reconstruction of paleo-redox conditions in particle rain vs. diffusion dominated settings in Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zones - Dr Suemeyya Eroglu (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:00 I/Ca ratios of carbonates as proxy for changes of deoxygenation in the past: A Nano-SIMS study on benthic foraminifera for better mechanistic understanding, evaluation and application - Dr Volker Liebetrau (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:15 Decadal to millennial-scale changes in oxygen minimum zone intensity, export production and fish fluctuations in the Humboldt Current System - Dr Renato Salvatteci (Institute of Geosciences, Kiel University, Kiel, Germany)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:30 Decadal to multidecadal changes in marine subsurface oxygenation off central Peru since the XIX century - Dr Jorge Cardich (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:45 Multidecadal changes of OMZ intensity over the Peruvian upper-slope inferred by pore density in benthic foraminifer Bolivina seminuda since XIXth century - Dennis Romero Chuquival   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
16:00 Benthic foraminiferal Mn/Ca evidence for bottom water deoxygenation in the Baltic Sea over the past 7,500 years - Sha Ni (Lund University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
16:00 --- Coffee break ---
05 Major Upwelling Systems (until 18:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
16:30 DISSOLVED ORGANIC MATTER CYCLING IN THE COASTAL UPWELLING SYSTEM OFF CENTRAL PERU DURING AN “EL NIÑO” YEAR - Mrs Maricarmen Igarza (Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
16:45 Distributions and emissions of dissolved methane in coastal upwelling region off Peru - Mingshuang Sun (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
17:00 Pathways and variability of N2O emissions in the Pacific Ocean - Mr Daniele Bianchi (UCLA)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
17:15 Insights of the dynamics in the East Pacific Upwelling System from a nested 1/20° ocean circulation model - Klaus Getzlaff (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
17:30 Dissolved oxygen dynamics in coastal upwelling systems: insights from idealized submesoscale physical-biogeochemical modelling - Dr Veronique GARCON (CNRS-LEGOS)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
17:45 Demonstrating the value of enhanced multidisciplinary sustained observations for understanding variability in the oxycline and its impacts on the EBUS ecosystems - Maciej Telszewski (International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
09 Ocean Deoxygenation - how the Past can Inform the Future (until 18:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
16:30 Spread of ocean anoxia and sluggish overturning circulation in a warmer-than-today world: Does the geological record support this scenario? - Prof. Wolfgang Kuhnt (Instate for Geosciences, CAU Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
16:45 Climate-carbon cycle dynamics on a warmer-than-modern Miocene Earth - Dr Ann Holbourn (Institute for Geosciences, Kiel University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
17:00 The initiation and establishment of the Western Indian Ocean Oxygen Minimum Zone during the Early to Middle Miocene - Dr Or M. Bialik (The Dr. Moses Strauss Department of Marine Geosciences, Charney School of Marine Sciences, University of Haifa,)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
17:15 Oscillations in Cretaceous ocean productivity and deoxygenation induced by redox-dependent nutrient cycling - Klaus Wallmann (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
17:30 Impact of Cenomanian-Turonian Anoxic Events on ocean oxygenation: High-resolution records from the Atlantic Tarfaya-Laayoune Basin, SW Morocco - Mr Sebastian Beil (Institute for Geosciences, Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
17:45 Constraining global (de)oxygenation during Phanerozoic climate events - Dr Jeremy D. Owens (Florida State University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
10 Biogeochemical Cycles: Feedbacks and Interactions (until 18:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
16:30 Nitrogen fixation in the coastal Peruvian upwelling zone following a simulated upwelling event - Leila Kittu (GEOMAR Helmholtz-Centre for Ocean Research Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
16:45 Biologically-associated nitrous oxide accumulation in the euphotic zone - Shuhji Kao (Xiamen University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
17:00 Silicon and Nitrogen Cycling in the Upwelling Area off Peru: A Dual Isotope Approach - Dr Patricia Grasse (GEOMAR )   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
17:15 Long term variability in the denitrification rate in the eastern tropical North Pacific - Prof. Allan Devol (University of Washington)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
17:30 Benthic N-cycling in the Peruvian Oxygen Minimum Zone in relation to variable bottom water redox conditions - Mr David Clemens (Geomar)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
18:00 --- Transfer ---
19:00 --- Conference Dinner ---
13:00 --- Lunch Break ---
08 Coastal Systems: From Understanding to Management (until 16:00) (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
14:30 Benthic community resilience in a harsh place: hypoxia and tsunami perturbations in the coast of the southern Humboldt Current System - Prof. Renato A. Quiñones (Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research (FONDAP-INCAR), University of Concepción & Programa de Investigación Marina de Excelencia (PIMEX), Departamento de Oceanografía, Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Oceanográficas, Universidad de Concepción, Chile)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
14:45 Seasonal and annual variability of coastal sulphur plumes and forcing processes in the Benguela upwelling system - Isabelle Dadou (LEGOS)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:00 Linking shelf/break processes to coastal hypoxia in the upwelling core of the central California Current System - Kate Hewett (University of California, Davis)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:15 Influence of hypoxic upwelled waters on the distribution of trace metals in the surficial sediments of the Cochin estuary. - Dr DEEPULAL PARENKAT MONY (CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography, INDIA)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
15:30 Human regulation of fresh-salt water budget and hypoxia in semi enclosed seas - Prof. Ierotheos Zacharias (University of Patras)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-D)
09 Ocean Deoxygenation - how the Past can Inform the Future (until 16:15) (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
14:30 Exploring the links between flood cyclicity and the OMZ development on the Nile deep-sea fan during the African Humid Period - Cecile Blanchet (GFZ-Potsdam)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
14:45 Nitrogen Removal Across Glacial Terminations in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific - Prof. Julio Sepúlveda (Department of Geological Sciences and INSTAAR, University of Colorado Boulder)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:00 A quantitative nitrate reconstruction over the last 22,000 years in the intermediate Pacific based on the pore density of the denitrifying foraminifera Bolivina spissa - Dr Nicolaas Glock (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:15 The Natural Variability of Marine de-oxygenation in the Eastern-Tropical Pacific since the last Glacial Maximum - Dr Laetitia Pichevin (University of Edinburgh)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:30 Benthic pelagic coupling in the Peruvian upwelling system over the last 25 thousand years - Dr Zeynep Erdem (NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research and Utrecht University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
15:45 Multidecadal to millennial-scale changes in Oxygen Minimum Zone intensity off Peru during the last 20 kyr: Proxy – Model comparison - Prof. Ralph Schneider (Institute of Geosciences)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
16:00 Reconstructing Antarctic Bottom Water formation since the Last Interglacial Period - Dr Taryn Noble (University of Tasmania)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-A)
10 Biogeochemical Cycles: Feedbacks and Interactions (until 16:15) (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
14:30 Efficient removal of nitrogen and phosphorus in a eutrophic coastal system recovering from hypoxia - Dr Niels van Helmond (Utrecht University and Lund University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
14:45 Upwelling Induced Anoxia in a Eutrophic Estuary, Southwest Coast of India: Influence of Lateral Inputs - Martin G.D (Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:00 Regeneration of phosphorus in the ocean during past greenhouse climates: role of redox conditions and impact on primary productivity - Ms Nina M. Papadomanolaki (Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:15 Time-series of the secondary nitrite maximum in the ETSP reveal tight coupling of ENSO and nitrogen processes in the OMZ - Hermann W. Bange (GEOMAR Kiel)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:30 Nitrogen-carbon connections in a deoxygenating ocean - Dr Angela Landolfi (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
15:45 Symmetric marine biogeochemical responses in warming and cooling worlds - Dr Karin Kvale (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
16:00 Improving the “bio” part of biogeochemical models. - Dr Markus Pahlow (GEOMAR)   (Audimax-Hörsaal-C)
16:00 --- Coffee Break ---
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